Thursday, August 7, 2014

Daily BITUB- "Reflections"

There are quiet moments of reflection scattered throughout our busy days.  What is in those moments?  Who is in those moments?  Today my reflection was about last year around this time.  I remember sitting in my office in GA thinking about what was most important to me.  Thinking about how I had forgotten why I did the things I did.  The moves from state to state, the late nights, the early mornings...  I remember missing my family in Texas.  I remember being sad that my grandmother had passed, that I lost two cousins and that I had actually not traveled home enough to see them.  I was so busy trying to create a life I had forgotten how to live.  I remember thinking that I felt lost in a place I had always felt so stable and content.  

I remember feeling that all I could do was pray for God to take over and do what He needed me to do. 

A year later my reflection on all that is not at all about regret.  No my reflections today are about a sense of comfort.  About the beauty of answered prayers.  About allowing God's plan to unfold as He sees fit even when we don't understand why things are happening.  About truly giving life to God knowing He will provide the things you need throughout the journey.  My reflection is upon the last few months where I find myself reenergized by life and all it has to offer. The same blessings of family and friends surround me, but the difference is my ability to allow myself to appreciate and take them all in.  While the future has many paths, if you aren't traveling it with God, with your foundation of faith and with belief that through God all is possible...  Then chances are you may be reflecting on what "if" rather than the beauty of the lessons in what has been and all the wonderful possibilities of what can and will be.  

Live life!  Dream big... And as always Believe in the Unbelievable that is YOU!

Have a blessed day!


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