Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Daily BITUB- "Choices"

The choice is yours!  

Sometimes we forget just how powerful that statement is in everything we do.  Sometimes we blame others for the choices we have made.  Sometimes we even tell ourselves we don't have choices.  Sometimes we have made a choice we don't quite understand why we did or what we do now.  Sometimes we even forget to choose God first. 

Often the hardest part is having the courage to make a decision.  We all know even the smallest choice can impact our lives.  Thing is once the choice is made then it's made.  You can't go around regretting it... Even if it's not what you expected it to be.  You made it so dwelling on it won't change the fact you did.  

Remember though...  The choice is yours!  

Choose God!  
Choose your blessings!  

Then why not choose to focus on what you can do now!  Focus your attention here in this moment, this time and this place!  Understanding the choices you made put you here... Taking accountability for those choices... That is empowering yourself to move forward with each opportunity you have to make the next decision!  We have so much influence on the outcome of our lives.  From the places we go, the people we meet, the kind of energy we allow in our lives to the simple perspective of how we approach our day.  

The choice is yours!  

So, what will you choose to do today?

Believe in the Unbelievable that is YOU and have a blessed day!


"Believe in yourself... All things are possible if you believe." Mark 9:23





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