Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Daily BITUB- "Believe in it!"

You believe in this dream, but you feel like your efforts sometimes go unnoticed?  I mean you are trying to do your best.  You are focusing on becoming a better you.  You are trying to get yourself motivated, but there are so many set backs!  Why are there not enough hours in the day it seems?  Why is the pressure of achieving so overwhelming sometimes?  Why?  We've all heard nothing worth having is ever easy, but there is more to that story.  Take a look at what your fighting for.  Look at why you are fighting for it.  If it didn't really matter to you then you would have abandoned it long ago.  You wouldn't subject yourself to all this if it wasn't crucial to who you are!  You wouldn't push, struggle, or feel the urgency of the moment if it wasn't something that was important to building your life.  Sometimes the harder the adversity, the more it hits us when we face those challenges, the more we feel when we reach that wall...  Well, that's when we realize the more meaningful, passionate and a part of us this experience really is.  That's when the effort doesn't need to be noticed because we know exactly what we are doing!  That's when we understand that despite everything we face we will find it within to continue to push until we make that dream our reality!  That's when we see that through God, through our faith, through the promise of hope anything is possible, and we are determined to show just how much we believe in that!

Believe in the Unbelievable that is YOU and have a blessed day! 


"Believe in yourself...  All things are possible if you believe." Mark 9:23





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