Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Daily BITUB- "His Hands"

How many times have you heard someone say, "you don't know what it's like!"  How about, "just put yourself in my shoes!"  Often times it is the realization we simply may not know what the other is feeling. We may not know what someone is going through, what they have experienced, or even where they want their life to go.  How often have we all been in a similar situation, but looked at it entirely different?  The things that make us unique also provide us unique perspectives.  We don't all have the same path, the same dreams, the same goals.  While we may journey towards a similar destination, towards a similar "happiness", how we get there will depend on the choices we make, the values we possess, the challenges in our path, and the impact those things have in our lives.  So, as I've said before, we are all going to perceive things in our own way.  So it's not about being in someone's shoes, it is the faith that no matter our view we can all find comfort in knowing we are in God's hands.  

Believe in the Unbelievable that is YOU and have a blessed day! 


"Believe in yourself... All things are possible if you believe." Mark 9:23




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