Monday, August 28, 2017

Daily BITUB- "What can today bring?"

Take a moment and look at what you have before you today. What obstacles will you need to overcome?  What new challenges await?  What new journeys will you begin? What decisions must you make that you've been putting off?  How blessed we are to take on each new day knowing it can be whatever we are willing to push ourselves to make of it, to show what we are capable of, to motivate and to inspire! Remember amidst all the change that surrounds us every day, we are the constant in all storms. We always have the capability of remaining who we are and on the path to who we want to be.  We must continue to use experience to grow within ourselves, to uncover more of "us"! That "us" that lives beyond our limitations! That "us" that through God, through our faith, through our ability to believe, anything is and can be possible! 

Believe in the Unbelievable that is YOU and have a blessed week! 


"All things are possible if you believe." Mark 9:23





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