Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Daily BITUB- “Negativity”

Yesterday someone asked me how I stay positive. I laughed and thought to myself I'm not always positive, but more often than not I try to be. Maybe it's enough to matter to those who I'm blessed to interact with. Maybe I hide it well when negative moments find me. Think about how often we encounter negativity. Honestly, if you let yourself, you can find negativity anywhere and everywhere. That's the key to it though. If you let yourself. If you make the choice to see it, to allow it to consume you, and to influence your day that's on you. Don't get me wrong, even on my best day there are moments when negativity finds its way in, but I work hard to push it out. There is no silver bullet to that though. You have to find your way, what pulls you out, what moves you forward. For me it has been the comfort of friends and family, the promise that God is with me, faith that His Grace is greater than anything we will endure. So, maybe that's just it. It's not that I don't see or feel the negative around me... It's just that I choose to focus on the positive that surrounds me.

Believe in the Unbelievable that is YOU and have a blessed day! 


"All things are possible if you believe." Mark 9:23


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